Amy Hicks – RMT

Amy Hicks RMT @thecompassroseI am passionate about helping people on their healing journeys.

I have a Bachelor of Kinesiology from Acadia University, a Massage Therapy Diploma, and am currently studying to become an Osteopath.

I draw on a wide range of techniques, experiences, and educational background to provide my clients with effective, individualized treatments.

My particular areas of interest are sports massage, pediatric massage, and working with individuals with special needs. I have had the pleasure of working with a professional sports team and working as a movement therapist in a private kindergarten in Germany. I have also worked with individuals with special needs in many capacities and specialised in movement therapy for children with disabilities during my Bachelor’s Degree at Acadia.

In my personal life I am committed to creating a healthy, vibrant community and advocating for individuals with special needs. In my spare time I love being outdoors and enjoying all the beauty that Nova Scotia has to offer.

Services Available:

* Now Booking Saturday Appointments!


~Therapeutic and Relaxation massage available:

Looking for a way to de-stress? Dealing with day to day aches and pains? book now buttonRecovering from injuries?

I offer a gentle hands on approach to healing. Working with you to provide a personalized treatment aimed at restoring and promoting your health and wellbeing

  • 60 minute Massage  …………
  • 30 minute Massage   

Child and Special Needs

~ Massage & Movement Therapy (Kinesiology)

This therapy incorporates massage and gentle movement exercises and is ideal for individuals with physical, cognitive, and attention challenges. This is also type of therapy is well suited too individuals with sensory processing disorders as it helps with body awareness and helps to normalize the sensory processing system. (Children ages: 1-14 & Special Needs: all ages)

  • 30 minute Session
  • 60 minute Session

~ Sports Massage

For young athletes and special olympians who are looking for a way to enhance their athletic performance by staying loose, flexible and pain free. (Children ages: 1-14 & Special Needs: all ages)

  • 30 minute Sessions
  • 60 minute Sessions

Therapeutic Massage – 30 minute session 

This therapy is ideal for individuals recovering from injuries or looking for a way to destress.   (Children ages: 1-14 & Special Needs: all ages)Amy hicks service fees @ thecompassrosemassage techniques amyhicks

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