Baby and Me Time!

12189817_10156175784390527_2811898155575723583_nBaby and Me Time (New born – 2.5yr)

This is an opportunity for caregiver and child/children to socialize and relax! It is a great way to get out and have some change without the chaos that we sometimes find ourselves in.

Each session is designed so there is no more than 6 people (children and adults) in the room at one time.  This is to support an environment that is soft and not harsh on the senses while encouraging exploration.

Each session is 1.5hr long allowing participants an opportunity to come late or leave early if they need to.

Activities in the room are set up with the development of the participants in mind, which is why we ask participants to book in advance.  Both to ensure space is available but to also make sure the visit is the best we can make it.

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Activities for Development

While it may look like young children are sitting and lying down not doing much that they are learning about the space around them.

They are listening to what we say and how we say it. They are watching what we do and how we do it.

In a sensory room even the youngest child finds opportunities to learn through touch, sight, sound. The Soothing environment helps relax a little one who is going through a tough transition (difficult to settle, teething, ect)

How to Book

Call, email, or come into the centre. We need to know adult’s name, child(s) name(s) and age. Then Choose the day you want to come.

Wednesdays 9:30am-11:00am

*All who wish to attend must book at least 24 hr in advance as space is limited!

email:       phone: 902 346-2158