Family and Friends Time

IMG_0169Family & Friends Time (all Ages)

Would you like some special quiet time with your family? This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss out on.  In our Multi Sensory room we strive to provide a quiet, meaningful experience. Where you can explore using your senses to explore textures and fun activities. As well as having the support of an Early  Childhood Educator.

Who can attend?examining liquids, solids and x-rays with light.

For a Family and Friends session all ages are welcome.  We encourage adults and children to be dressed in comfortable clothing as there are sometimes messy activities.

How to Book!

When you are ready to book your session we arrange a short meeting by phone, email or in person with our Sensory Room Manager to discuss the interests of the individuals who will be attending the session.  This conversation allows the staff to arrange activities and environment to optimize your experience.

Then you are all set!  You come in a little early (10 min) before your session to fill out a little bit of paperwork before your session (only on the first visit).  Once the paperwork is completed you are ready to enjoy a wonderful experience in The Sensory Room.

Phone: 902-346-2158